The Taylor Pea Sheller Gets The Jobe Done For You

If your pea crops are producing a lot this year, you need a commercial pea sheller that can quickly handle all of the extra work. The Taylor Pea Sheller will have no problem keeping up with your plants, helping you to shell three to four bushels every hour. With a 1/3 horsepower Dayton motor, this sturdy piece of machinery is built for high-volume pea shelling.

The Taylor Pea Sheller is capable of handling all types of peas and even some beans. With an adjustable guard, all sizes of peas and beans can pass through the machinery in order to be shelled. Simply push the unshelled peas toward the rollers and they will be pulled through. The pea sheller will open the pods and the freed peas will be collected in a plastic bin. Meanwhile, the empty shells will be neatly stacked in their own large bin.

Because of its capacity for high-volume pea shelling, the Taylor Pea Sheller is an excellent choice for commercial pea crops. With a manual on/off switch, you can leave this commercial pea sheller plugged in and ready to go at all times. When production gets busy, the belt guard will help to prevent clothing from getting snagged. Order your Taylor Pea Sheller today to save yourself hours of labor.