The Benefits Of Growing Peas In Raised Beds

Although peas are an easy crop to grow that rarely disappoints, you can enjoy even better results by growing peas in raised beds. A ‘raised bed’ is prepared by elevating your garden soil to a higher level than the adjacent ground. You can create a raised bed in your garden by simply piling dirt where you want the bed or by fashioning a wooden box bed.

There are many benefits of using raised beds to grow your peas. For starters, the soil in your raised bed will heat up and dry in the sun, allowing for earlier planting. Rainwater will run off into the walkways, preventing your peas from becoming waterlogged. And best of all, your peas will have less competition from weeds and you will have more control over the soil composition.

Because there are so many advantages to using raised beds in your garden, you would be wise to learn the proper technique to create one. The National Gardening Association offers a detailed guide to growing peas in raised beds in this article. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you can look forward to a fantastic yield from your pea crops this year.