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If you’re in the market for a pea sheller that’s capable of hulling three to four bushels an hour, then you’re in the market for a Taylor Pea Sheller.

The product makes pea shelling ridiculously easy and fast. It has the capacity to shell most types of peas and even a batch of mature butter beans. This sturdy device is made of aluminum and weighs 35 pounds. It has an eight foot, three prong cord giving you plenty of room to place the machine within the vicinity of an outlet. There is a safety mechanism to avoid activating the device before everything and everyone is in place.

The motor is powered by a 1/3 horsepower Dayton electric motor that has an OFF/ON switch. That means the machine can remain plugged in at all times. There’s a belt guard that protects the belt, keeping any individual or article of clothing from getting snagged. The guard will have to be manually attached when you use the device. This will be something of a chore, taking between 25 minutes and an hour, depending on the level of your mechanical skill.

The Taylor Pea Sheller will require two sets of hands for operation. With one person standing on each side of the device, unshelled pea pods will be pushed toward the rollers. The pods will be pulled through. Pods will be opened, freeing the peas. The pea pods will stack into a large bin as they push through the roller. You will need to keep the pods flat at the tray’s bottom to ensure they don’t hit the rollers on top of one other. A finger guard helps stop this, but it would be prudent to keep an eye out. That guard is adjustable, allowing thicker peas to pass beneath it. A simple rolling motion over the top of unshelled peas will level them into a single row. The peas themselves will be deposited into a 10 quart plastic pan.

The fact that the Taylor Pea Sheller needs two sets of hands is really the only problem in the design. A plus is that, unlike other shellers, the number of mashed peas is minimal.

If you’re finding your load is too big for common, smaller pea shellers, you definitely want to take a look at the Taylor Pea Sheller. One of the many fine products at PeaSheller.net, it will improve production with rapid and satisfying results.