Say Hello To Mr Pea Sheller

If you are a small gardener with a productive crop of peas, the Mr Pea Sheller will make a fantastic addition to your kitchen gadgets. With its easy-to-use design, this pea sheller will save you hours of labor shelling peas. Using the built-in clamp, simply attach this device to a table to have it ready for each new batch of peas your garden produces. Available at an incredibly affordable price, a Mr Pea Sheller should be in every home gardener’s kitchen.

The unit itself is very safe to use and can be easily operated by one person. After securing it to a sturdy table, feed one pea at a time through the nylon mesh rollers. Turn the crank and the fresh peas will be separated from their pods and collected in a pan. If turning the hand crank is too burdensome, you also have the option of attaching a standard electric hand mixer to turn the device. With the electric mixer in place, just steady the pea sheller with one hand and feed peas with the other.

Harvesting your fresh peas is fun and easy with the addition of a quality pea sheller. When you discover how easy your MR Pea Sheller is to use in your kitchen, it will become as indispensable as your blender. Order yours today and say goodbye to hand shelling forever.