How To Grow Peas From Seeds

Growing Peas Is Easy

If you have never grown a crop from seeds before, growing peas from seeds is a great place to start. Because they can be planted directly into the soil, grow fast and require little maintenance, peas are a fantastic plant for beginning gardeners. Growing your own peas will also give you the extraordinary experience of tasting them when they are freshly picked. Because peas are sweetest right after they are picked and then quickly lose flavor, you have never tasted a pea as good as the one you grew yourself.

When To Start Your Seeds

The best timing for growing peas from seeds is to plant them in late winter and harvest them in spring. Because climates differ depending on where you live, just remember to sow your seeds about one month prior to your area’s frost-free date. If you live in a temperate climate, you can go by the old tradition of starting peas on St. Patrick’s Day. You’re not out of luck if you got a late start planting your peas this year. With a little shade to protect them from the sun, you can still look forward to a nice summer harvest.

Planting Your Seeds

As long as it’s not hard clay, growing peas from seeds can be done in any type of soil. If your soil is already damp, there is no need to prepare your seeds before sowing them directly into your garden bed. For dry soils, simply place seeds in a damp paper towel until sprouted. In your prepared garden bed, plant pea seeds about two inches down and space them two inches apart. Sprinkle a nice organic fertilizer or prepared compost over your freshly planted seeds.

Provide A Climbing Structure

Because peas are a climbing plant, it’s absolutely vital that you provide a structure for them to climb. There are many attractive structures you can build in your garden for growing peas from seeds. You can create a lattice wall, drape netting over stakes or let your peas grow up a fence. Whatever option you choose for your garden, remember that the more objects your peas have to curl their tendrils around, the faster and stronger they will grow.

Maintaining Your Pea Plants

Growing peas from seeds involves very little maintenance besides watering and training them to grow up the structure. Depending on your particular area, daily watering may not be necessary. Water your pea plants until the soil is wet but do not continue until the bed becomes waterlogged. As your pea plants first begin to grow, you will have to move their tendrils in order to help them grow up the structure. Once your plants have grown to about one foot, you won’t have to worry so much about training them.

Harvesting Your Peas

When you notice your first pods ripen, pick them right away. Keeping your pea plants well picked will encourage more growth. As you harvest your peas, make sure you are holding the vine with one hand as you pick with the other. This will prevent you from accidentally picking more of the plant than you meant to. Because peas taste best right after they are picked, plan a meal ahead of time when you see a lot of pods forming. Peas grow amazingly fast, so keep your pea sheller ready and look forward to many delicious meals.