Have You Seen The Electric Mr Pea Sheller Yet?

For home gardeners with a large abundance of peas, electric pea shellers can make harvest time a whole lot easier. Capable of shelling large quantities of peas and beans quickly, electric pea shellers are a convenient device for use in restaurants as well as home kitchens. If you are looking for an easy-to-use electric pea sheller that won’t take up too much space in your kitchen, the Electric Mr Pea Sheller is a fantastic option.

With an on/off switch, you can leave your Electric Mr Pea Sheller plugged in and ready to go on your kitchen counter. When you have a fresh harvest, simply pile your freshly picked peas onto the slanted tray and turn the device on. Your peas will then begin sliding down towards the self-adjusting rollers where they will be quickly shelled. The fresh peas and empty shells will be neatly deposited into two separate trays.

When you produce a lot of peas and beans in your garden, electric pea shellers will save you many hours of work. In a busy restaurant, these devices wind up paying for themselves in saved labor costs. The Electric Mr Pea Sheller is a well-designed and safe machine that only requires one person to operate it. With its compact size and ability to shell piles of peas quickly, every kitchen should find room for an Electric Mr Pea Sheller.