The Mini Pea Sheller Is Perfect For Your Kitchen

Whether you are responsible for a large garden or a busy restaurant, high-capacity pea shellers are a necessity when dealing with a lot of peas and beans. Save yourself hours of hard labor by purchasing a pea sheller that can handle large quantities of peas quickly and efficiently. The Mini Pea Sheller comes with a 1/10th horsepower motor that can shell even the toughest peas and beans without becoming overwhelmed. At 2/3 the size of standard commercial pea shellers, this pea sheller will save you both money and kitchen space.

The Mini Pea Sheller is constructed of durable rust-proof aluminum, making it excellent for indoor as well as outdoor use. After thorough testing, this pea sheller has been proven to be able to withstand long hours of high volume pea shelling. Even in hot and humid conditions, the internal fan works to continuously cool the engine so it does not become overheated. Very safe to operate, the Mini Pea Sheller includes a third prong on the plug to prevent electrical shock.

If you need a pea sheller that can handle a lot of shelling without crowding your kitchen, the Mini Pea Sheller is an excellent choice. Order your Mini Pea Sheller today and save yourself countless hours of work.