Growing Peas At Home Is Easy And Fun

Even novice gardeners will find that growing peas at home is incredibly easy and very rewarding. Because peas aren’t too picky about soil conditions and grow extremely fast, they are one of the best crops for beginning gardeners to grow at home. If you have children, helping them to grow their own peas can be a fun experience that is sure to not leave them disappointed.

Although pea seeds can be planted directly into your garden, you can help to speed up the germination process by soaking them first. Let your pea seeds soak in a pot full of water for a few hours before you plant them. Plant your pea seeds into a garden bed or a space-saving planter pot. As peas are a climbing plant, you should always supply a support structure for them to grow up.

You can prevent birds from snacking on your newly planted pea seeds by covering them with a mesh netting. If you are growing peas in the hot summer months, use a shade covering during peak heat. Learn more about how to grow your own peas at home in this article from