Delicious Recipes: Pea and Ham Soup

When thinking of my favorite recipes, pea and ham soup immediately comes to mind. The delicious soup can be the perfect light lunch, or can make for a fantastic side dish of first course at dinnertime.

Peas are an exceptionally healthy addition to meal, adding protein and fiber to the meal.

Chef Keith Snow has created a video demonstration of how to properly prepare a pea and ham soup recipe from start to finish. He starts by cutting up a carrot and white onion, cutting them up and then sweating them out a bit in olive oil, adding a bit of salt and pepper.

He used some leftover ham from an Easter meal, adding the ham and the peas to the onion carrot mixture and then topping it off with some organic chicken broth. After adding the broth, he adds dried oregano into the mix, and then fills a tea bag with fresh thyme, adding that to the soup (he’ll remove it later on).

In the ham and pea soup recipe, Snow suggests bringing the soup to a boil, and then bringing it to a media heat and allowing it to cook for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, the soup should be ready to enjoy!