Delicious Green Pea Salad Recipe

We found a healthy green pea salad recipe from a gal named Betty that we thought was great. Begin by steaming your peas, always making sure you don’t overheat them so they stay a nice bright green. Add diced pickled beets, chunks of yellow squash and chunks of cucumber for the base of your salad. Then you want to cut some green onions and flat leaf Italian parsley with scissors to get nice minced slices. When you have all of your ingredients mixed together, you are ready to make Betty’s delicious pea salad dressing. Betty makes a dressing for her salad with a half-cup of white wine vinegar mixed with a quarter cup of sugar or artificial sweetener. After letting your salad sit for four hours to really enhance the flavor, you are ready to add the dressing. For thorough directions on making Betty’s salad, check out her video that we posted below for your convenience.

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