Must-Have Pea Sheller Accessories

As many of you learned the easy way, a Taylor Pea Sheller is the way to go for simple shelling of peas and beans. But we have handy accessories that can further enhance this shelling process. One you see them, you’ll insist on adding them to your harvesting tools.


The first is the Trash Ease. This trash-bag holder fits easily on bleachers, picnic tables, kitchen counter-tops, campers and more! Great for the craft room, the kitchen and the backyard! Trash is off the ground and no risk of tipping over a can. Powder-coated to prevent wear and tear– and no scratching surfaces! The Trash Ease is one piece so no worries about keeping up with multiple parts. Installs with zero tools. American made! Now how does this product help with pea shelling? Simply attach to the work surface that you are using to shell peas and watch as the discarded hulls fall easily into the trash bag held securely by the Trash Ease. Such a simple idea yet truly a mess-saver! When we demo the Taylor Pea Sheller, we always use the Trash Ease. Try it and see the difference it makes in pea and bean shelling.

bagwell open

The other must-have product for pea shelling is the Storage Bag Holder by Bagwell. Another simple but handy device. This green, four-prong holder takes gallon bags. Simply fold the storage bag over the arms of the Bagwell and fill the bag with your freshly-shelled peas or beans. It’s like having another set of hands!

Add these Pea Sheller Accessories to make your shelling process even smoother!