Taylor Pea Sheller

Widely regarded as one of the industry's most reliable, efficient, and long-lasting tools, the Taylor Pea Sheller, a.k.a. Little Sheller, easily handles the shelling volume of large gardens to small farms.

Ideal for black-eyed peas, crowders, lady fingers, white acres, English peas, and mature butter beans.

Price: $579

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Peas are a delicious and nutritious vegetable. If you’re involved in the pea industry, then a good pea sheller is one of the most important investments you can possibly make.

When it comes time to buy a new sheller or time to fix the sheller you already own, PeaShellers.com is the one and only place to turn.

Our one goal is to make sure you purchase the absolute perfect sheller. As the largest online retailer of pea shellers and corn creamers in the country, our customer-first attitude is geared towards helping you find the right sheller to meet your needs, no matter if those needs are large or small.

We sell shellers and accessories from some of the industry’s top brands such as Taylor, Mr. Pea Sheller, and TaMaCo. If you’ve run into trouble with the pea sheller you already own, we also sell a variety of replacement parts such as bearing blocks, bearing springs, and gears, so we’re bound to have the right part to get you fixed up quickly.

Being more than just a site to buy equipment, we also provide expert analysis and advice on the business of peas. Visitors are provided information on every step of the pea growing process, from planting your peas and cultivating your crop, to cooking your peas or preserving them to enjoy later.

We offer expert tips on how to get the most from your pea crops, how to keep them healthy, and then what to do with your bounty of peas once you’ve finished harvesting them. From tasty recipes to growing tips, we really are a one stop shop for pea lovers.

If you need help, our staff of professional pea-enthusiasts are always ready to help you talk about your crop and your sheller needs, and offer advice on the right sheller for you.

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